Essential Equipment You Will Need To Play Golf

Before you start playing any particular sport, you need the right equipment to get started. Imagine heading on to play Cricket without a bat or a ball. These are the most basic tools associated with it, but there are many other essential tools as well like the stumps, or leg pads or gloves for the wicket keeper. All these equipment help you perform better and protect you against injuries. Coming back to golf which the article is about, there are a few essential tools which you must gather before heading to the golf course. The right golf equipment will enhance the performance of the golfer and help him improve his skills. A good golfer needs to have an appropriate number of tees, balls, clubs and a good pair of golf shoes.
Tees and Balls:
Bring at least a dozen balls to the golf course. If you are a beginner, it is not a good idea to spend too much on the best quality balls because chances are that you will lose some of them. You also need to have a bag of wooden tees before going to the golf course. Before buying tees, you need to figure out the correct tee height that suits you. However, if you are unsure you can simply buy a large tee and adjust the height by pushing it deeper into the ground.
Golf Clubs:
Golf Clubs are one of the most essential golf equipment you need to pack in your bag before you can think about playing golf. As a beginner, you will need a good driver, some fairway woods and a couple of irons that range from 2 to 9 irons. You will also need a pitcher and some wedges. Look for a bag that is lightweight and can carry all your clubs, balls and tees.
Golf Shoes:
Much of the golfing game depends on your posture and movement of the feet and legs. For this you need the right pair of golf shoes that offer maximum comfort, support, flexibility and traction on the ground. They provide comfort to the golfer’s feet while walking a long round and traction while making the swing. Two types of golf shoes are available: spikes and spikeless. You will have to choose between the two depending on your style and preferences. Spikeless shoes offer more comfort and versatility while spiked shoes offer better traction.